Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This is the poster mock-up I put together on PhotoShop for the Sundance read of my award-winning script.
As some of you may know, having read The Establishing Shot for some time now, in addition to being one of the Examiner film critics online and a fervent movie blogger, I am also a budding screenwriter. I've gotten close to selling a script or two a couple of times and am getting closer to realizing that dream. I've also been fortunate to have figured in the finals of a number of screenplay contests. I even was lucky enough to have won the Grand Prize in the Table Read My Screenplay contest for my western THE SCOUNDRELS CLUB this past January. That was a very exciting honor and Craig James Pietrowiak and his wonderful folks from the contest flew me out to Park City, Utah to be part of the Sundance Film Festival. My script was read there in a table read by a terrific group of LA actors up for the event. (You can read about my four days of adventure at Sundance as I blogged about it starting with this entry:

And on May 25th, the fun continues! The International Screenwriters' Association, which Craig is president of, will have me interviewed by acclaimed screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez (MACHETE) during an hour and a half podcast. If you enjoy my blog, love the movies, or are curious about what's involved in the world of screenwriting, I know you'll get a kick out of this free event. Details are here @ the ISA website:

The wonderful troupe of actors who read my script at the table read at Sundance. Alvaro Rodriguez is second from the left. And ISA president Craig James Pietrowiak is to the far right. (Yours truly is in the center with his poster.)

I think you'll enjoy the podcast. And as always, thanks for following The Establishing Shot.

NOTE: This was originally scheduled to happen on Saturday, May 11th but was postponed due to Alvaro Rodriguez coming down with pneumonia. Obviously, we all wish him well. And I'll look forward to the interview with him two weeks from now, on May 25th.

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