Tuesday, October 2, 2012


He can sing and dance.
Those skills worked spectacularly well for Hugh Jackman when he hosted. And it puts real show into show business’ biggest night when the host can do more than just crack jokes. MacFarlane should impress everyone with his multiple mad skills.

MacFarlane will tease Hollywood, albeit with affection.
He has a lot of love for the town that feeds him. And he’ll likely take the same tone that Neil Patrick Harris takes at the Tony Awards – a tone that treads the line perfectly between keen and mean.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Everyone knows MacFarlane does the voices of Stewie, Quagmire, Peter and Brian on “Family Guy” but wait until everyone sees all the celebrity impressions he can do. People will be on the floor.

He can be touching too.
Yes, “Ted” was a riotous and raunchy comedy hit this past summer, but it also had heart. I’ll bet MacFarlane will show some too come Oscar time, such as when a legend like Maggie Smith shows up. (She’ll likely be nominated for her supporting turn in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”)

The Academy is in the moment with this fresh, new choice.
Billy Crystal hosted last year. Hello, 1997. Clearly, the Academy was paying attention to what’s cool this year, what with MacFarlane’s auspicious film debut and his “SNL” premiere show hosting gig a few weeks back.

MacFarlane has leading man looks.  
And that smile. How infectious!

He’s written parody lyrics as good as anything Billy Crystal has penned.
Maybe he’ll even take a swipe at the Best Song category. It needs it!

MacFarlane is an amazing social critic.
And the Oscars are not too much of a sacred cow for a satirist of his caliber. That’s good, what with Oscar’s changing number of Best Picture nominees, roving calendars, overzealous prognosticators and excessive campaigning. Frankly, there’s a lot to spoof.

He’s got his own writers and the Oscars need it.
Please, no more Bruce Vilanch and his tin-eared, tin pan zingers. Some fresh snark is desperately needed here!

He’s new.
He’s not Whoopi, or Billy, or Steve, or anyone else who’s hosted multiple times before. And so the novelty factor should give him a lot of room to experiment and have fun. Let’s hope it’s as much fun for us. Remember, someone two years ago thought James Franco and Anne Hathaway would be good choices too. And we all know how that turned out!

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